KSA represents Canadian corporations doing business in Europe and foreign interest doing business in Canada and in the U.S., particularly in Quebec, or that wish to set roots there.

Moreover, the Canada European Union Free Trade Agreement recently entered into and the one contemplated between the U.S. and the E.U. will significantly increase the commercial relations between Europe and America.

In that context, KSA joined the ranks of Gesica (, taking in consideration the fact that we operate in a Francophone environment, surrounded by more than 400 millions Anglophones.

The Gesica network is the first international French-speaking lawyers’ network. It stems from its members’ will to work together and to bring together their knowledge, their experience and their know-how, at their clients’ service, everywhere in the world.

Gesica has been in existence more than thirty years. It is comprised of more than 250 firms and 2,200 lawyers in fourty countries, among which more than fifty within the E.U. It is a major player in the law market in France and Europe.

Our integration to the network allows us to be in contact with lawyers everywhere in the world, to be able to benefit from their experience and expertise. On the other hand, reciprocally, our knowledge of America allows them to give adequate counseling to their own clients.

Finally, our vision of customer service is embodied in our professionals’ competence, in the quality of the services rendered and in reasonable fees, all of which are concepts at the root of Gesica’s existence. In that view, targeted international networking, paired with frank cooperation between the network’s members, seem to us to be the appropriate response to our clients’ needs and our approach of professional practise.

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Yves Charbonneau