Business Law

The economic environment in which business people evolve nowadays raises an ever increasing number of legal concerns which are more and more diverse.

Within this context, our business lawyers, some of whom have a common law degree, combine many years of experience in commercial transactions and support clients composed of various size businesses, at a regional, provincial, national or international level.

Our professionals are frequently involved in negotiations of large-scale transactions of acquisition of Canadian, American or European businesses. Combining experience and imagination, some of our lawyers also are specialists in complex financial planning. In collaboration with the members of our Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law team, they advise on and supervise the favoured mode of financing and the appropriate corporate structure to be set up with respect to reorganizations or propositions.

Our team is also asked to work in support of the clients’ usual advisors (notaries, accountants, tax specialists as well as lawyers) for the purpose of specific transactions, notably in cross-border matters where a highly specialized expertise is needed. Armed with their response capacity suited to the circumstances, our lawyers team up with these advisors to ensure their clients receive services tailored to their needs, thus making it easier for them to reach their goals.

They also advise their clients with respect to the creation of all kinds of trusts to achieve the intended objectives, whether for their estate needs or the protection of their assets.
Finally, our lawyers make it their duty to be available at all times in order to answer your questions and address your concerns, so that the deadlines inherent to an efficient business conduct are met.