Civil and Commercial Litigation

Our team in Civil and Commercial Litigation is characterized by its versatility and expertise in many areas. Our lawyers maximize their collective knowledge for their clients’ benefit.

Our litigation professionals not only practice in the areas of construction and environmental Law, but also in many other fields, including:

  • injunctions of all kinds, often based on non-competition clauses and duty of loyalty;
  • banking law;
  • shareholders, co-owners or neighbours disputes;
  • insurance (claims);
  • easement and boundary disputes;
  • commercial and residential leases;
  • application of the Consumer Protection Act;
  • defamation;
  • successions;
  • account collection.

Although our lawyers are tenacious litigants, they remain pragmatics and encourage business agreements or out-of-court settlements depending on their clients’ needs. This is why our lawyers seek to obtain optimal strategies for the goals aimed at by the client at the very beginning of the mandate.

Although our professionals usually get involved after a dispute has arisen, and often within an emergency context, they also do prevention work with their clients, before the situation deteriorates to the point where legal proceedings are unavoidable. A simple preventive verification often allows us to intervene efficiently and enables us to provide wise advice so as to avoid problems and significant costs. We like to step in and give strategic advice before a crisis occurs, and this is why the “preventive advice” is a mission for our team.