Environmental Law

The environment occupies a growing position in our society. Ensuring a quality environment for future generations is certainly a challenge that all of us must face.

Confronted to growing environmental concerns, businesses must deal with various laws, regulations, policies and ordinances which frame their operations and have a direct impact on their viability, their competitiveness and their profitability. Our Environmental Law specialists will help you to have a clear overview in this legal and procedural labyrinth. Whether it is to obtain the required authorizations to start or continue your activities, verify the conformity of your current and upcoming operations with the legislation in force or make representations before environmental courts and tribunals when necessary, our professionals will be able to answer your demands quickly and efficiently.

Our professionals also advise their clients at the analytic phase of a project as well as through its completion. They regularly collaborate with the other members of our firm for the completion of different mandates, particularly with respect to acquisition or sale of businesses, financing and the decision-making process of the directors of the corporation in environmental matters. Our professionals can make simple but efficient recommendations to set up durable solutions, depending on the nature of the problems encountered.