Insolvency Law and Bankruptcy

Our lawyers are involved in every aspect of Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law and can advise you wisely in that regard. Some of them have developed and maintained a trust relationship with several financial institutions for more than twenty-five (25) years, and advise them to ensure due protection of their rights as well as for loan recovery and realisation of securities.

Our professionals regularly lead financial recovery cases and, as such, they represent and advise financial institutions as well as corporate executives or trustees in bankruptcy. They are also frequently involved in major cases and their competence is acknowledged.

Our lawyers in this area frequently appear before the courts, whether it is with respect to provisions of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act or the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act. Their track record includes numerous successes related to complex legal issues debated before all instances, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

As they often work in close collaboration with our Business Law specialists, they can efficiently conceive and perform all commercial transactions needed to implement arrangement plans or proposals.