Labour and Employment

Our lawyers are aware of how important human capital is to achieve objectives, complete projects and for the overall business success. They also understand what is at stakes every day in respect to this asset of their clients, as well as the disputes related to it.

Our lawyers in Labour and Administrative Law therefore offer comprehensive quality legal services in the area of individual and collective labour relations to commercial and industrial businesses, from small to large businesses, whether they are private or in the public or parapublic sector. 

Our professionals represent employers, notably in matters of dismissals and disciplinary measures, non-competition, termination of employment or individual or collective layoffs, and occupational health and safety. In a unionized environment, they act with respect to union accreditation, negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, labour disputes, arbitration of grievances and arbitration awards. They also advise employers with respect to drafting, enforcement and interpretation of individual employment contracts and collective bargaining agreements.

In all of those fields, they are required to apply different laws such as An Act Respecting Labour Standards, the Labour Code and the Canada Labour Code, An Act Respecting Occupational Health and Safety, An Act Respecting Industrial Accidents and Occupational Diseases and the Charters of rights and freedoms.

They regularly appear before all administrative instances with respect to labour relations as well as before arbitration tribunals and ordinary courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada.
They team up with our business lawyers to review employers’ obligations in relation to acquisition or sale of businesses, whether it is by virtue of employment contracts (stock options or profit sharing) or by virtue of collective agreements, group insurance or pension plans.